Six on Saturday – 26/6/2021

I missed one last week! Not sure how that happened, just busy. The heavy and sometimes cold weather hasn’t been kind on the gardens – a lot of stuff has been flattened resulting in frantic mornings with bamboo and twine. The weather brought out the slugs too and they seem to have ended my hopes of a good Dahlia year but never mind.

1. Astrantia – glorious white, like an explosion.

2 Rhododendron – no idea of the cultivar but I love the colour, a sort of light lime cream.

3. Bees – happy to see quite a few buzzing around the garden, especially on our little crop of foxgloves which they love.

Bee on Nigella
Bee on Knautia

4. Japanese painted lady ferns (Athyrium niponicum) – this garden has a beautiful clump in a nice shady spot, the colours are fantastic at this time of year.

5. Geranium (possibly x magnificum) – looking glorious just before the rain flattened them out!

6. Amaryllis – we’ve been waiting for this to flower for a client for years. He never gave up and finally we’ve been rewarded with this beautiful flower!

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