Six on Saturday – 12/12/2020

Well it’s been a chilly week – we’ve had some very heavy rain, and a fair bit of a fog too. Most of the time has been spent tidying the gardens, and trying to get cuttings onto compost heaps before they turn into a soggy yellow mush – but theres been plenty to admire too.

1. Iris foetidissima – the stinking iris, and apparently also the roast beef plant. It’s a tolerated weed in many of my gardens, and I happened to be working near this one, when the more I look at it the more interesting the colours were. The bright orange berries are obviously striking, but the blackened pink of the seed pod was very strange! Skin like?

2. Dahlia lifting – these are from my own garden where we have very heavy clay. Trying to rinse off the claggy soil on a near freezing day was not one of the highlights of my horticultural year. Nor was losing two of the labels (silly boy!).

3. Misty Mahonia – came in to one of the gardens on a foggy morning to find the Mahonia looking beautiful against the background. The yellow and green really lit up a murky morning.

Same plant later in the week. The flowers are just starting to fall off.

4. Bramble in Pyracantha – I included this pic because it was just so bloody painful. A good hour of removing rampant brambles made me wish from some really thick leather gloves.

5. The steaming leaf pile – the photo doesn’t really capture the steam here, which is a shame because I was mightly pleased on a cold morning to see it. This pile is this year’s leaves that have been mowed up – they’re making good progress already.

6. First mince pie of the season! Well done to these particular clients – they win the annual race. A little late this year I think, but then with COVID etc I’m not complaining. Nice to feel festive.

11 Replies to “Six on Saturday – 12/12/2020”

  1. It’s true that cleaning the dahlia tubers in the middle of winter is not the most pleasant thing because we freeze our hands… I had done mine in November and they are now sheltered until spring.
    I didn’t know mince pies, it must be delicious !

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  2. My mahonias, over the last few years, have grown beyond measure and they are so colorful in the garden at this time of year! Yours look great! If I knew how thorny they were and that they would be so good at keeping the deer out of my Woodland Garden, I would have planted them entirely around my garden! They are too tall to jump too!

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  3. I love the Iris picture and your observation that the orange berries are more striking for their contrast with the subtle colors of the moldy, peeled back pods. This time of year encourages us to find beauty in decay.

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